Web design services

Web Design Services

  • logo design and branding
  • new website design and development
  • redesign and updating of old web sites
  • website maintenance
  • website hosting
  • data base management
  • social media

why you need a website

"I'm not sure I need a website"

Every business should have a website. The job of a website is to attract visitors and turn them into paying customers. Your website gives customers a direct way to find you and learn about your company and your products. It provides customer management tools through interaction. You might want to open new markets by selling your products online.

"I can't afford a website"

smallwebstudio understands your need for cost effective results; we are a small business too. smallwebstudio offers a full range of affordable online sevices. We listen to you, we work together and you get what you need. You can't afford not to.

"My neighbor's nephew's roommate's buddy built my webite..."

Is your website all you wanted it to be? Can your customers find what they're looking for quickly and easily? Is it kept up to date? There are lots of ways to get a website, not all good. It my be time to consider a professional website, custom built to the needs of your small business

web designer / web developer


This is Fiona Young, web designer and developer, Brit living in Atlanta, GA. I am a certified web designer (KIP, Kennesaw Internet Professional, awarded Best in Show).

I use both sides of my brain equally well, so the creative and the technical work together and good things happen.

I also have a BSc and an MBA, 20 years of business experience, I've written lots of fiction, some published, and contributed twelve years of volunteer service.

fiona young

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